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TikTok: 12 year old Regina George on the block

People on TikTok are calling her the new Regina George, here’s why…

TikTok: 12 year old Regina George on the block

Tween-fluencers take over social media

There’s a new sensation on social media – meet Evelyn, the 12 year old “Gen Alpha” star from Kansas City, Missouri, captivating millions with her razor sharp wit and beauty routine antics. her parent run social media accounts on TikTok and Instagram, and YouTube have tuned her into an overnight sensation.

Evelyn, a seventh-grader, kicks off her mornings with a unique blend of makeup application and unabashed commentary. With a Mean Girls vibe, she fearlessly roasts annoying habits in her ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos, amassing over 17 million views on Instagram Reels and hundreds of thousands on YouTube.

Too young to be on TikTok?

Her success sparks questions about age limits on social media, as she’s just a hair away from the age platforms typically allow children to manage their accounts. As the beauty industry targets tweens, Evelyn’s popularity mirrors the massive spending of 8 to 12-year-olds on beauty products, reaching $40 million monthly.

Evelyn’s ascent isn’t without hurdles; TikTok suspended her account, prompting discussions about vague rules and the need for age-related regulations. Despite setbacks, Evelyn continues to thrive on Instagram and YouTube, accumulating free products, sponsorships, and a Coogan Account for her earnings.

Dream big…

While her snarky videos find resonance with tweens and millennials, Evelyn remains well-spoken offline, highlighting a dichotomy in her online persona. Despite the meme-worthy attention and occasional criticism, Evelyn’s authenticity shines, inspiring her manager to predict she’ll inspire other Gen Z individuals.

With dreams of a talk show and aspirations to expand her content, Evelyn’s journey signifies a shift in online content dynamics. In a world of influencers, she stands out as a Gen Alpha powerhouse, unapologetically true to herself.

TikTok: 12 year old Regina George on the block

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