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How to use TikTok’s popular aging filter 2023

TikTokers are embracing the aging process. No more anti-aging, but see what you will look like in the next 50 years

How to use TikTok's popular aging filter 2023

Our future selves used to be shrouded in mystery, but thanks to the wonders of technology and social media filters, we can now come face to face with our avatars of the future. TikTokers have been flocking to the app to share their journeys through time using the popular “time travel” filter. Taking a step back to the times of Elvis Presley, this filter ingeniously showcases the gradual aging process, complete with wrinkles and sunspots.

Itching to take a sneak peek into your future? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can try it!

Try out a new TikTok trend

Step 1: Open TikTok and head to the search bar.

Step 2: Type in “Time Travel” and browse through videos using this effect

Step 3: Find a video that you fancy and tap on “try effect” at the bottom of your screen

Step 4: Click on “Use this effect” and experience a smooth aging process by selecting “auto mode”

Aging in digital

Camera filters that play with our perceptions of age have been around for years, with Snapchat and FaceApp making waves in 2019. However, TikTok’s “time travel” filter takes the cake, with dermatologist Aleksandra Brown praising its accuracy in predicting how a face might age. It delves into intricate details like skin texture and muscle position, making the aging experience eerily realistic.

@draleksandrabrown I’ll take this over the alternative. ✨If you want to age gracefully, I recommend daily sunscreen and nightly retinol. ✨This process is normal #aging #dermatologist #agingfilter #retinol #sunscreen #timetravel ♬ where is my mind (piano version) – your movie soundtrack

Actor Jonathan Bennet shared how his filtered face brought back happy memories of his late father, turning this process into a poignant moment of reflection.


This made me so emotional, it was like I was seeing my Dad again. I miss him so much this was unexpected, and made me so happy.

♬ original sound – Johnny Sibilly

Embracing aging

While aging gracefully has its charm, TikTok is no stranger to the pursuit of eternal youth. The platform is flooded with “anti-aging” content and creators, catering to younger audiences and promoting cosmetic products. The rise of “glass skin” and “baby Botox” has introduced new beauty ideals to TikTok’s diverse audience.

However, a couple from Jersey used the filter and provided a fresh perspective to the audience on their relationship’s potential longevity.

@nicoleloehle Trying out the aging filter as a couple is just knowing what you’ll look like as you grow old together☺️❤️ #timetravelfilter #time_travel #timetravels #travelfilter #growingoldtogether #growoldtogether♥️ ♬ Little Life – Cordelia

TikTokers continue to navigate the complexities of aging and beauty standards, but no one-size-fits-all. This is a fun opportunity for users to try out some cool filters and get a glimpse of life itself.

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