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You Can Now Generate AI Avatars With TikTok

TikTok is looking to add what could be its coolest feature yet.

TikTok Is Looking To Launch New Generative AI Profile Images as it Moves to Align with the AI Trend This May 2023

TikTok is on the long list of social media apps that are racing to integrate AI tools into its functionality. The platform is currently testing a new profile image generator that would create avatars using AI technology.

AI And Social Media

AI generative tools provide a golden opportunity for social media platforms to capitalize on. Every social media platform is looking at how they can incorporate such into their features, with LinkedIn and Snapchat already providing assistive elements built on OpenAI’s tools. Meta is also, reportedly, enamored with the potential of generative AI tools, while Twitter’s developing its own ChatGPT-like system, overseen by chief Elon Musk.

TikTok AI Profile Images 

As social media expert Matt Navarra shared that TikTok is developing a new process that would enable you to create your own custom AI-generated profile images in-stream.

TikTok’s generative avatar process requires users to upload between 3 and 10 photos of themselves, from which TikTok’s system can then generate a varied range of styles of avatar images.

Much like other AI-image-generating apps, the process walks you through how to upload your selfie images, including a heads up on how TikTok will use, and delete, any pictures that you send it.

This new AI-avatar feature might come as part of a subscription offering that TikTok could roll out, “TikTok Plus,”  along the same lines as Snapchat+ and Twitter Blue.

It is still not clear if TikTok is headed in this direction, but it could be another income stream for the app, if, like Snapchat, it can get its add-on offerings right, and provide functional tools like this that consumers will pay for.

That is because there already are many paid generative AI tools that TikTok users are probably already paying for. Our social media feeds have been flooded with similar custom avatars, so this makes it an easy market for TikTok to break into and kick off its own AI ambitions.

TikTok already implements generative AI elements within its Effects House Tools and parent company ByteDance is also experimenting with AIpowered features, so the platform is no stranger to AI technology.

There is no word from TikTok on a release date for its generative AI tools, but they look close to public testing.

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