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Top 10 influencer posts of the week

Missed out on some major news? Check it here in our latest Top 10 influencers of the week posts!


It’s officially event season and a time when everything generally gets a little bit busier than usual. Find out in our top 10 influencer posts of the week what your favourite influencer is up to and what you might have missed when scrolling through Instagram.

1. Mohamed Karim

Mohamed Karim looks a little different than usual in casual jeans and a t-shirt compared to his suited and booted attire. It’s been a busy few months with his premiere for A Day to Die so it’s great to see Mo taking some time out to enjoy some new adventures.

2. Raghad Fahmi

Not sure of the colour teal? Take a look at Raghad Fahmi‘s page where she makes shade and outfit look incredible. In a simple post on her Instagram, she wears a modest buttoned-up satin blouse with matching trousers. Flawless as always Raghad.

3. Jessica Kahawaty

Everything about this post by Jessica Kahawaty screams amazingness! Jessica is slaying her look in this pink dress from Valentino, a matching pink bag, and a sleek Tomb Raider striking high plaited pony hairstyle. If you’re planning your next gala event, take inspiration from this pink goddess and real-life modern Barbie doll.

4. Yasmine Sabri

As it’s World Wellness Weekend, Yasmine Sabri is showing us all how self-care is down with a few yoga techniques. Looking comfortable in her olive leggings and black crop t-shirt, who wouldn’t want to get down and join Yasmine in doing some downward dog poses!

5. Queen of Supercars

If you thought pregnancy was all about getting big and swollen, think again by looking at how glamorous Queen of Supercars looks. Dressed in a metallic silver dress, and complemented by her bold red lip, Kasia is showing us how to be stylish and sassy with a bump!

6. Makeup by Mario

Two legends in one picture. Mario, one of the top makeup artists in the world, uploaded an image of him doing some finishing touches on Salma Hayek. Getting her ready for Kering Foundations Caring for Women Dinner, Mario shows off his incredible artistry skills and makes us want to all get glammed up for an event.

7. Abdulla

Remember your caption should be just as good as your post and Abdulla’s caption has a personal touch. He writes Back in Doha and off to new adventures with great things in sight’ which reflects wellness weekend in a positive way. The message to take away here is to go and explore new places, and new things and spend time experiencing new discovers. Oh, and we also must note how great he looks in this post!

8. Lilly Singh

Celebrity, mega-influencer, and overall global star Lilly Singh brings comedy to her page and authenticity. She just tells us how it is and sometimes you need that person who has no fear and speaks their mind! Although we’re loving her “Rapunzel hair” Lilly took to Instagram to tell us she will unveil her star on the Scarborough Walk of Fame and a judge of Seasons 2, Canada’s Got Talent! Excited much? We are!

9. Noor Stars

It’s been a super busy week for Noor Stars. Not only did she launch her limited edition lipstick with MAC Cosmetics but she also had an epic launch party seeing a list of influencers in attendance. Now, Noor continues to work as she touches down in New York to continue her press with the MAC Cosmetics team! Follow her journey on Instagram @noorstars.

10. Sahil Salathia

Sahil apologies for going missing off social media, but it’s okay, we understand influencers need a break sometimes! He tells us he has been filming in Phuket and if you have been following his stories, you may have seen some small previews of just what he has been up to. We are happy to see him back to posting again, but next time, don’t leave us for too long!

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