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X announces new feature for DMs with more to come in 2023

Read to find out which features X will be launching soon


X introduces new reply feature

X, previously Twiter, has rolled out a new functionality for DM interaction, with the ability to swipe right on any DM in a chain to directly reply to it.

The new reply process makes it easier to respond to any message in a chat and enhances user experience. It’s another update to DMs, which were also recently made to only accept non-follower messages from verified users as the default, and allow verified users to send encrypted DMs, but not non-paying users.

More updates coming

The social media application is also looking to roll out audio and video calls soon as part of the expansion of its messaging tools. However, it is unclear if this update will also be a Premium exclusive.

Current owner of the application and website, Elon Musk, tweeted that the video and call option will work on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. Musk believes that the application can act as a better contact platform for direct calls, due to the amount of people you can connect with in the app. He considers it to be “the effective global address book”.

While Musk’s project has only a fraction of the audience reach that Facebook or WhatsApp has, this is likely to change with the introduction of audio and video calls that can be accessed through both the app and the web.

Musk further states that video and audio calls will not be encrypted at the start of the launch, but his team will add the ability to turn encryption on or off dynamically soon after.

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