Aviation influencer

Aviation Influencer Sam Chui Shares A Special Surprise on Air France
Plus an exclusive look inside the cockpit during takeoff
Can Economy Ever Feel Like First Class?
Sam Chui flies Etihad Airways and reviews a new kind of economy class
Sam Chui Vlogs His $20,000 Etihad Airways Experience
It's possible to upgrade from First Class?!?

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Sam Chui Shares The Best of The Paris Air Show
And asks some tough questions some of the industries biggest aviation experts
Sam Chui Vlogs the First Airbus A350 Delivery to Japan Airlines
Exciting times for those of us planning on traveling to Japan with JAL in the near future
Sam Chui Flies On The First "Made in China" Jet
Risky? Thrilling? You be the judge!
Sam Chui Does A Test Flight on Pilatus PC-24 Jet
How to Survive Flying Emirates Economy Class in 2019
Traveling coach class this summer? Sam Chui shares a few tips