Instagram will roll out Ads on IGTV
Revenue will be split between Instagram and the Influencer
Instagram Live Broadcasts can now be shared to IGTV
Your videos will now stick around longer than 24 hours
IGTV App gets an Update and a New Preview Option for Stories
Instagram is Adding a New IGTV Preview Option for Stories on its IGTV app!

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The first stage of IGTV Monetization is officially being rolled out
But don't quit your day job yet! It will only be available to a select number of creators...
We Might Soon Be Able to Re-Share Live Content on IGTV
Get ready to repurpose all those awkward Q&A's or live unboxings into full-blown videos
Instagram's IGTV Might Get a New Video Response Option
But are they simply copying a popular TikTok feature? You be the judge!
IGTV Monetization is Coming to An Account Near You
You'll soon be able to make a living from IGTV
Instagram is Getting Rid of IGTV... Kind of.
The social media platform will soon hide the IGTV button within the app
Landscape Videos Now Compatible on IGTV
A HUGE game-changer for the platform
IGTV Takes A Page Out of TikTok, Snapchat Playbook
Do these IGTV updates remind you of anything?
Instagram Will Start Showing IGTV In Your Feed
There's no getting away from it