Sam Chui

Sam Chui has launched a Podcast
Aviation's top social media influencer has partnered with Aviation Business Middle East on the podcast
Sam Chui Shows Us How Airlines Disinfect Their Planes
Here's how Etihad Airways keeps its aircraft safe and clean for travelers
Here's What Happens Inside An Airplane Graveyard
Sam Chui explores abandoned aircraft in his latest vlog

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The Best Business Class... in the World?!?
Sam Chui checks out the unveiling of Aeroflot's first A350
Sam Chui Takes Us Along On His Pan Am Experience
A complete throwback to the "Golden Age" of air travel
Sam Chui Checks Out LAX's Private Suite and BA's Super B747 Business Class
Sam Chui Shares His Experience Flying on an Antonov AN-124 Cargo Transporter
It's one of the biggest cargo aircraft in the world
Coronavirus Has Had A Huge Impact on The Aviation Industry
Sam Chui gives us an insider’s look into the airlines evacuating citizens from Wuhan, China in this vlog
Sam Chui Travels with Horses on HIs Latest Flight with KLM
Ever wondered how horses are transported on planes? Sam Chui shares with us a sneak peek.
Sam Chui Explains What's So Special About the Boeing 777X
He gives us an insider's look into the aircraft...
Is Sustainable Air Travel Possible?
Sam Chui is working to find out...