17.10 2019 17:16h

Instagram to Add New Third-Party Access Control Through App

All in the name of data protection
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First, Instagram removed the Following Activity tab, then they added the Creative Mode, and now they’re giving users more control over which third- party apps can access their account information and what data they can use. 

Third-party apps are any applications downloaded on phones that will ask the user to either import photos from Instagram or connect/link their account to Instagram. More often than not, users will tend to forget which apps they have given their username to and risk losing their privacy.

Now, Instagram is introducing new in-app features to help control data shared through third-parties.

App users will be able to manage their connections by clicking Settings, then Security, and then Apps and Websites. Then you can have the option to remove any third-part services that you no longer want your account to be connected to.

Additionally, an updated authorization screen will be enforced that lists all the information that the third party wants to access and you can either “cancel” or “authorize” it.

Instagram said that this is an important update to give users more control over their privacy in the app.

“It’s essential that we protect the data people share with us. We also want to give people more control over the data they share with other apps and services,” Instagram says in the update announcement.

The update will become available sometime in the next six months so make sure to regularly update the app to see it.

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