23.10 2019 13:15h

Instagram Launches Another Anti-Bullying Initiatve

One step closer to making the platform a safer, healthier place with “Create Don’t Hate"
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Bullying is a serious issue – both online and offline – and social media platforms have been working hard to prevent users from being nasty to each other by cracking down on hateful comments, language and content.

Instagram has been at the forefront of tackling the issue. Throughout the past year, they've been rolling out a series of initiatives to make the platform a healthier and safer place for all users.

Recently, the platform launched new global anti-bullying sticker “Create Don’t Hate." The sticker is aimed to help people reject any form of bullying on their accounts and to promote positivity on the app.

When a user sees an Instagram story with the CDH sticker, they can tap on it and a bottom sheet will appear talking about Instagram’s initiative to fight cyber bullying on the app. It will also give options on how you can use the sticker.

"Expression is at the heart of everything that Instagram does and the launch of the sticker shows its continued commitment to creating a supportive community, free from bullying,” Instagram said in a press release.

Instagram also said that they want to remind viewers that it is a safe and supportive place for everyone and that the CBD sticker can act as a “message of empowerment” for the Instagram community.

This is one of many updates that the app has continued to launch over the past few weeks. 

Other updates from Instagram include removing the Following Activity tab that allows you to check the likes and comments of the people you follow. Another update is adding a Create Mode on Instagram Stories that makes it easier to access creative tools like GIFs and stickers. 

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Image Credit: Instagram.


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