Instagram update

Instagram's Newest Feature Limits Exposure to Sensitive Content
The social platforms attempts to filter good and bad news for users...
Option to Add More than One Guest on IG Live is currently under Instagram's Consideration
Users might be able to live stream with more than one person at a time via Instagram Live!
Instagram's Latest Feature in Testing is a Set of Animated Selfie Stickers
A new set of animated selfie stickers coming to Insta Story soon...

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Instagram’s Newest Feature : Disappearing Messages
A disappearing act magic trick brought to you by IG
Instagram Might Introduce Another New Stories Feature Very Soon
And it might be one of the best ways to combat self-isolation boredom
The first stage of IGTV Monetization is officially being rolled out
But don't quit your day job yet! It will only be available to a select number of creators...
We Might Soon Be Able to Re-Share Live Content on IGTV
Get ready to repurpose all those awkward Q&A's or live unboxings into full-blown videos
What To Do If Someone Is Buying You Fake Followers
Here's how to put a stop to it immediately
New Restrictions Are Coming to Instagram Very Soon
Say goodbye to being "stealth" on the platform
Instagram's IGTV Might Get a New Video Response Option
But are they simply copying a popular TikTok feature? You be the judge!
What You Need To Know When Editing Your Photos In Instagram
The best practices when it comes to using IG's built-in features to "touch up" your pictures