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Nine Instagram Tricks You Didn't Know About

Read this if you've just liked your exe's photo from three years ago.
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One of the most satisfying feelings in the world is know something inside out and finding out that there is a whole new world of tips and tricks that you did not know about. 

As it turns out, on Instagram there are some features that you might not be too familar with but it could efinetely come in handy when you need it. 

Here are nine of the best ones we found: 

1. Add Special Fonts and Characters To Your Bio

This is a trick that will make you look different and unique to other accounts and at the same time get people to say OMG when they take a look at your bio. 

To add special fonts and characters to your bio, you can use third-party websites like LingoJam and apps like Character Pad then go crazy with what you come up with. 

2. Automatically Filter Comments 

If any of your Instagram posts are getting hit with a wave of trolls and hate comments at the moment, this is what you can do to remove them.

Go to Profile Settings, scroll and click Comment Controls, and then you have the option to block comments from certain users or even block certain words or phrases.

3. Mute Stories From People You Follow 

There’s always this one Instagram user who decides to post a billion different stories in one day and it can get on your nerves just to see them pop up.

Thankfully, you can avoid that by just muting their account by tapping on their profile and clicking the mute option.

4. Hide Story From Specific Users 

Sometimes you might want to go out and party or chill with your friends instead of study but you can’t post about it if your very active on social media mom follows you.

The good thing is that now you can easily hide your story in Story Setting from specific accounts. They won’t even be able to see your highlights.

5. Put Your Favourite Filters First 

To save you from the boring pain of scrolling through ugly filters until you find the one you truly love, you can actually just put all of your favorites first.

Scroll to the end of the filter menu, click Manage Box, and then just drag the ones you like to rearrange the order and hide the ones you do not like.

6. See All The posts You've Liked 

Do you ever find yourself going on a rapid liking spree and then completely forget which posts you’ve liked in the first place?

Well, the easy solution is to click on Settings, scroll and then just tap Posts You’ve Liked under the Account Section.

7. Schedule Your Posts 

A helpful trick for busy influencers and brands on Instagram that might be very busy throughout the day but need to post consistently to keep their followers engaged.

The way to do this is to download a scheduling tool or app and then connect your Instagram Business Account to it to schedule posts.

8. Stalk Someone's Profile Without Liking Their Picture

We’ve all been there… Going through someone’s page and ending up 3-6 years back in their timeline and then accidentally liking one picture that makes you want to pack your bags and move ASAP.

One super easy and very obvious way to avoid this at all costs is to click on their account, wait for their profile to load, and then scroll happily on Airplane mode so there’s no possible way to like it.

9. Clear Your Search History 

Staying in theme with stalking peoples’ profiles, if you didn’t know before, you can clear your Instagram Search History.

To do that, go to Settings, tap on Security, and then tap Clear Search History.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. 

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