05.02 2020 12:00h

An Auction to Save Australia's Forests Could Lead To One Winner Attending This Crazy LA Party

Infamous Internet Celebrity, Dan Bilzarian, set up a campaign to save Australia's destroyed forests
Dan Bilzarian

Dan Bilzarian is an American actor and (in)famous internet celebrity... now turned philanthropist?!?

The infamous social media star is hosting an auction to give away 2 tickets to his famous Valentine’s Day Party. This auction’s goal is to raise $1 million to plant 1 million trees in Australia in order to save the forest after the tragic forest fires took place. All proceeds from the bids on the tickets will go to plant the trees in Australia and save the animals that’s homes were set ablaze.

A donation website has been set up in order to reel in donations and plan trees in place of the destruction. The story set up by Give Butter is to help them rebuild the lost homes as Australia has been devastated by the destructive wildfires that rendered the ecosystem as fragile and that has destroyed the homes of millions of animals.

If the charred land isn’t revived, humanity will lose endangered species and the millions of animals that survived will remain homeless.

On Kangaroo Island in South Australia, nearly half of the unique koala population has been destroyed by the fire and in the coming months the island’s surviving kangaroos, kolas and rare birds are in danger.

Without help, these animals will die from exposure, thirst and lack of food and they cannot rebuild their homes and lives without human help.

The campaign is simple, every dollar donated will be put towards reforesting and replanting an essential tree or bush on the island. There will be updates on the progress as the work carries on to rebuild the island’s habitats for the vulnerable animals.

The Dan Bilzarian Campaign is an auction to raise $1 million in order to plant 1 million trees in Australia to rebuild the forest for the vulnerable animals that once resided there. The winning bid in the auction will receive two tickets to Bilzarian’s infamous Valentine’s Day Party.

For more information on the initiative, click here. 

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