09.02 2020 11:56h

You Will Soon Be Able to Edit Instagram Stories... in Instagram Stories

The platform is rolling out a new built-in trimming tool
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IG is making everyone’s life easier with its newest feature that helps edit and upload clips to your Story. This newest feature is a video trimming feature which provides a video slider trimming tool built into Stories.

The trimming tool would function in the same way as a video editing tools available on other social media platforms. As a new editing icon has been added into the creative options along the top of the first frame. If tapped on the icon, the user will be taken through to the second frame trimming process, according to Social Media Today.

This feature is straight-forward, but it provides significant and important benefits to Stories creators. As of recently, many creators have used third-party editing tools before uploading their videos to Stories. This is mostly because the creators wanted to get their timing and content right in each frame but they did not have the tools to edit on the go.

This features allows brands to easily create more polished, focused and clean cut Stories.

However, various reports have suggested that in-the-moment Stories have the best performance, the ability to trim and enhance your Stories frames is not going to decrease its performance to create the same type of connection.

At the time being, Instagram has not announced when this new feature will be released to the public. However, given that this feature was uncovered by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong – she has a track record of uncovering unreleased features in a variety of social media apps – the public can expect to see an official update on the feature in the middle of March.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash.


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