03.06 2020 11:53h

A Filipino Blogger faces major backlash

He has been accused of promoting 'black face' in his latest makeup look
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Ken de Francisco

A Filippino influencer has been forced to apologise after facing intense backlash to a "blackface" makeup look which was created in an attempt to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ken Francisco de Dios uploaded a series of since-deleted photos to social media wearing a wig, rainbow top and dark makeup.

Of course, social media users captured the images themselves before Ken would eventually delete them.

The influencer captioned the post “Black Lives Matter”, alongside a black love heart emoji. It came about after George Floyd was killed by a police officer last week and protests erupted across the world in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Social media users were less than pleased at his 'support' and some have called him out for his 'tone deaf' and 'offensive' posts. Ken has since deleated his Instagram and Twitter accounts but nonetheless, the images have still made their rounds around social.

There was no holding back...#Savage

Taking to Facebook, de Dios addressed the backlash and apologised for the “careless mistake”:

'Before everything gets out of hand I would like to apologize for the whole 'blackface' issue. It wasn’t of my intention to imitate anyone of any culture or race.

As an artist, I used my artistry to be part of the campaign and use it as a voice that black lives matter. I believe that this is a sensitive topic and that I should’ve kept my mouth shut. I will try to learn more about such matters to keep myself from making "careless mistakes" in the future.

Cultural appropriation is an issue that is deeply rooted in a society that I am still educating myself on. I’ve read your comments and tweets and I honestly do understand where this backlash has come from. I am thankful for those who are educating me in the comments section.'

The Black Lives Matter movement is calling for justice for George Floyd following his death on May 25. Floyd died last week after he was pinned to the pavement by a white police officer in Minneapolis, who put his knee on the handcuffed black man’s neck until he stopped breathing.

Social media users definitely need to be more mindful when posting.

What are your thoughts?

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