01.03 2018 14:10h

Facebook Is Increasing The Power Of Its Facial Recognition Software

Here's how to disable it
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Hopefully the following information won't creep you out but... But Facebook has ramped up its facial recognition abilities.

This week the social networking platform started informing users in their News feeds that that the platform will be expanding the use of facial recognition to add “more ways to use face recognition apart from just suggesting tags.” 

May sound harmless enough, but Facebook plans on using this technology to “find photos you're in but haven't been tagged in, help protect you against strangers who use your photo, and tell people with visual impairments who's in your photo or video.”

Essentially, Facebook is now able to identify your face in photos and match it with your profile - and more accurately than ever before.

The good news is facial recognition is easy to turn off, if you don’t want Facebook to have the ability to identify you in pictures.

Simply log into your account's "Settings" in your web browser and select "Facial Recognition". Then, click on "Edit" button and choose between the "Yes" or "No" option to turn the feature off in the toggle. The process is similar, if you want to turn it off on your mobile phone app.

Facebook gathers an incredible amount of information about its users, so it’s understandable that some of us may be apprehensive about keeping this feature activated. Facebook has faced some legal backlash in courts around the world for breaching privacy laws, so it will be interesting to see if facial recognition will be around for the long run.

Will you turn off Facebook's facial recognition software? Let us know in the comments below...


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