09.12 2018 10:02h

YouTube Rewind 2018 Video Disliked By The Masses

Over 5.3 million viewers gave it a thumbs down
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It's that time of year again!

And no, we're not referring to holiday festivities or end-of-year parties.

We're talking about the release of YouTube's annual YouTube Rewind video.

Every year the video-sharing platform creates a recap of the most popular videos of the year. It includes homages to viral videos (i.e. the "Kiki Challenge"), notable events and popular songs of the past twelve months. 

Haven't had a chance to watch YouTube Rewind 2018?

Check it out below.

The Rewind video has always been a smash, and many YouTube fans look forward to seeing which content creators and celebrities will be featured in the video.

(Psst! Can you spot the creators featured in the video who have also appeared on ITP Live's YouTube channel?)

Except for this year, the video has been... less than popular, when it comes to racking up the "thumbs up".

YouTube Rewind 2018 has been disliked by over 5.3 million viewers.

According to Dexerto, the video has a huge dislike ratio with only 1.7 million "thumbs up" to the over five million people who have expressed their dislike for it by giving the video a "thumbs down."

The video is missing a lot of key "YouTube-relevant" events that took place in 2018. Naturally, fans are annoyed that a number of their favorite creators have been left out.

Despite being so disliked YouTube Rewind 2018 is still the Number One trending video on YouTube.

But some Netizens aren't afraid to point out the obvious (and the true purpose of the YouTube Rewind video)... 

What are your thoughts on the YouTube Rewind 2018 video? Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments below.

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