22.05 2019 13:32h

MAGRABi Takes Social Media By Storm With Their Latest Campaign

The campaign's theme celebrates something very special to all Arabs
Magrabi, Salma Abu Deif, Mouhnned Al Hamdy, Leena Al Ghouti, Hala, The Hala, Mahmoud Sidani, Mr Moudz

MAGRABi Optical is back at it again with another stunning influencer marketing campaign, featuring some of the most prominent social media influencers in the region.

In this year’s visually-striking campaign, MAGRABi (@magrabi) has teamed up with Salma Abu Deif (@salmaabudeif), Mouhnned Al Hamdy (@mouhnned), Leena Al Ghouti (@leenalghouti), Hala (@thehala), Mahmoud Sidani (@mrmoudz) and Abdullah Al-Abdulla (@abdulla) to celebrate the spirit of “Al Ourouba.”

The campaign’s message continues to share the overarching MAGRABi theme of “Empower Your Vision,” by encouraging the celebration of “Al Ourouba”: the notion of an empowered, united vision of what it truly means to be Arab and embrace the beauty in the diversity of Arab cultures throughout the world.

It was a natural fit for MAGRABi to work with the six influencers, as they’re all proud of their shared Arab heritage.

“Growing up, I studied the history of Arabic poets and scientists. I always thought it was extraordinary,” Saudi-born influencer Hala said.

“I still live with parts of my heritage every day. I appreciate it when I see it in art museums when I travel, because that’s when it speaks all languages and can be communicated with everyone, on a worldwide level.”

“Just like most of my generation, I’m a modern person. But I’m also attached to my Arabic roots and proud of who I am,” Mouhnned Al Hamdy said.

“Being Arab is a set of values first and foremost, and it is these set of values that make us stand out from the rest of the world. The Arab heritage that I grew up with gave me firm roots and expanded the creativity in me. We have such a rich culture that empowers talents and creative people and enables them to understand and thus overachieve in all environments.” 

But what exactly does the notion of “Al Ourouba” mean to them?

“Al Ourouba is a feeling and means different things to different people,” Abdullah Al-Abdulla said. “It’s a meaning of self expression and being bold.”

“It’s a celebration of our heritage, our values, our past,” Mr. Moudz said. “Where we once were, and where we are now. It is important to continuously celebrate it as it is a part of who we are, and we never want to lose sight of that. It is a gift that we need to continue to give, generation after generation.”

“I’m proud that I’m Egyptian, Arab, North African,” Salma Abu Deif said.

“I come from a very strong, powerful heritage and rich history. People are still living on that, remembering it. What we can do is take that as a reference as a push and link it to the modern world in our own way, like with this campaign.”

The influencers were quick to share how hard everyone worked on the campaign video and how it was excellent to have so much talent working on the content.

It was nothing short of mind blowing. I remember getting to the hotel the night before the shoot and seeing the ENTIRE cast and crew,” Mr. Moudz said

“Each person more talented than the last. I had seen mood boards and plans of how the scenes were going to play out, but to see it happen right in front of my eyes with all the costumes, equipment, props, and more – that left me speechless.”

“I was riding a horse for more than 3 hours in challenging conditions,” Hala said. “We were awake at 3am in the morning and we stayed in the mountains until 5pm. Everyone gave their 100% on set and the result shows in the content.”

She also noted that all creatives on-site were extremely dedicated to the project.

MAGRABi Optical has also launched the CSR initiative “Vision for All,” where they’re expecting to donate a total of 10,000 optical frames in return to every pair of sunglasses or spectacles sold throughout last ten days of Ramadan.

Well done MAGRABi on another stunning influencer marketing campaign! We look forward to seeing it within our Insta-feeds.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Visit MAGRABi online and watch the campaign at magrabi.com.


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