18.06 2019 15:12h

Snapchat Has Published A Free Guide For Marketers

Read this before updating your Snap content strategy
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Everyone loves a freebie, especially if it's going to help out their content marketing strategy. 

Snapchat has released a free guide for marketers, in order to help them increase their engagement and make the most of notable moments and holidays throughout the entire calendar year. The guide also includes a chart to plan advertising alongside these peak moments of engagement.

"Snapchat gives millions of users around the globe a platform for capturing experiences, connecting with friends, and having playful interactions with the world around them," Ariana Battle from Snapchat's team wrote in a recent Snap Business blog post.

"It has become an integral part of how people express themselves and elevate the cultural moments they share with their inner circle. For brands to succeed in reaching and engaging Snapchatters, it’s helpful to understand how these moments play out on the app and how to approach them authentically.

Marketers who download the PDF file will find a breakdown of major milestones throughout the year, a snapshot of how Snapchatters engage with them, and guidance on how to make the most of "the moment".

For example, in the month of June topics like "NBA Finals", "Stanley Cup Finals" and "Father's Day" are all hot and trending in the USA as users engage with the various events, holidays and activities throughout the summer months.

Want to download one (or more) of the regional "Moments in Focus: You Guide To Seasonal Marketing Strategies on Snap" guides? Check them out below.

According to Social Media Today "...the guide could be a significant help for those looking to plan out their Snapchat campaigns - and what's more, Snap has also provided regional variants, highlighting the events of note based on geography."

Whether you're a marketer, brand or content creator we highly recommend you give the guide a read.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Shutterstock and Social Media Today.


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