19.03 2020 09:00h

Storytelling on Instagram: What You Need To Know

It's not just about having pretty photos and great captions
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Influencers, if there’s ONE piece of advice you ever take from us make it this this: if you’re not incorporating storytelling into you Instagram content strategy, you’re doing your job wrong. 

If your feed is filled with product shots, sponsored posts and selfies (or belfies) you need to rethink what being a content creator means to you.

There are so many “influencers” and “creators” who have neglect the importance of storytelling within their feeds, which is likely why they’re seeing a dip in followers and/or engagement (which could then lead to a dip in opportunities to monetize their social media channels and land paid brand deals.)

According to Social Media Today ". . . Storytelling is also how marketers can tap into younger demographics’ desire for experience over products, by making buying from them and being part of their community an experience within itself."

This means content creators need to shift from jumping on viral trends and flashing around products to focusing on Storytelling within their Insta-feed. Not only will help build your audience, but potential brand partners will appreciate your understanding of how to organically share their message with their following. 

Wondering how to do it? Here are three tips for successful storytelling on Instgram. 

Pick A Theme

If there’s one thing beauty gurus on Instagram understand, it’s the patience and determination to post according to a consistent and visually appealing theme. It all boils down the aesthetic vibe of a feed and how the content is (consistently) presented.

If you run a modern art page try a mysterious black-and-white theme or focus on all bright colours. Alternatively of you’re more into that vintage style turn up the grain on all your Instagram pictures.

The overall "look" of your feed should reflect the story you're sharing with your audience. Think of it as refining your Instagram's branding, in order to support the message you want to share with your followers. 

Refine Your Story

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin (@jenatkinhair) is a pro at doing this. If you check out her feed and her Insta-Stories, you'll see she seemlessly incorporates snippets of her life and products within her posts - but it all comes together like it's an episode of a Netflix series. 

Her audience knows she is a hardworking, creative entrepreneur who works with some of the biggest names in the business and loves her dog. We tune in to see what she's up to each day on her Insta-Stories. 

When you're creating content, be sure to capture moments as if you were filming a television show. There should be a beginning, middle and end to your platform. Your audience should feel as if they're coming along with you or part of your life, and not simplying looking at a list of products or serivces you recommend. 

Know Your Audience

In order to curate amazing content that shares a compelling Story, you need to know your audience. Who are you writing for? What kind of imagery resonates with them?

Having too much of everything on your page might cause confusion amongst your followers, leading for them to become less engaged with your content.

Check your insights (don't forget your other social media platforms) to find out what kind of imagery, captions and videos your followers are engaging with, in order to create content that resonates with your audience.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Anushé Samee and Reem Makari.


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