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6 Money saving/money making apps in the UAE

For when you’re taking a break from candy crush

6 Money saving/money making apps in the UAE

2. Beam

With over 350,000 users in the UAE, this leading wallet app is not only a safe and convenient option for payment, it ensures you make a little something for every purchase.  The app claims to award you 30% of your spend, which can then be used at any of their 3,000 retail partners across the region, like Aldo, Costa, ENOC and Chillis to name a few.

3. Groupon

Let’s be real for a second, your first trip to the Groupon site or app…is not going to a be pleasant one. The sight of all the dinners, trips, and activities you could’ve saved on, will be painful. But once you decide to shove the past aside, it’s happy days. And one thing for sure, no weekend will be planned without glance at this gem.

4. Cobone

Because there’s no such thing as too many coupons.

5. Near Buy

This gem shows you all the best deals, sales, and special offers in a mall as soon as you enter it. If you’ve ever gone shopping in Dubai Mall (because of course, you have) you’ll understand why this app so blessed.

6. The Entertainer

And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without the king of two for one deals now would it. Accessing these amazing deals are now easier than ever, rather than buying a book and paying for a bunch of vouchers you’re never going to use, you can now select the package bests suited to your interests.

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