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Ghida Arnaout tries #TheBananaChallenge

Another day, another social media challenge!

Ghida Arnaout tries #TheBananaChallenge

Quarantine and chill? More like quarantine and try something wild for social media

In the midst of global efforts to stay home and socially distance during the coronavirus pandemic, a number of challenges have gone viral thanks to social media influencers and a very active global online community/

Last week we took a look at the banana bread takeover and this week bananas have popped up in an entirely new way. 

Ghida Arnaout, our resident travel and adventure enthusiast, tried her hand (well her feet really) at #TheBananaChallenge.

While most challenges floating around at the momet require baking or dancing skills, for #TheBananaChallenge, you really just need to use your hands and feet and pray that you have enough strength and balance to get the banana off the counter!

Ghida tried and excelled! Take a look! 

Are you game for #TheBananaChallenge?

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