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Instagram launches Security Checkup feature to protect user accounts from hackers

The Security Checkup prompts allow users to view login activity, review account profile information and more.

Instagram launches Security Checkup feature to protect user accounts from hackers

Instagram has introduced its latest feature “Security Checkup” to help users protect their Instagram account if it has been hacked. The feature prompts users to view login activity, review profile information, confirm accounts that share login data and update account recovery details.

The announcement comes after a growing rise of malicious Instagram scams to gain access to users login and personal details:

“They [hackers] may tell you that your account is at risk of being banned, that you are violating our policies around intellectual property, or that your photos are being shared elsewhere. These messages are often scams and violate our policies. Instagram will never send you a DM. When we discover these kinds of scams, we take action against them. But we also encourage you to report the content and block the account… If Instagram ever wants to reach you about your account, we will do so via the ‘Emails from Instagram’ tab in your settings, which is the only place you will find direct and authentic communication from us on the app.”

In addition to this, Instagram urges users to better safeguard their account using additional secure features such as:

  1. Enable two-factor authentication – This feature can be enabled by completing the two-factor authentication using your WhatsApp number. You can also use your mobile number or an authenticator app like Duo Mobile or Google Authentication to enable the feature. The two-factor authentication helps users be notified whenever someone logs in to their account from another device or web browser. The notification prompt includes information such as the login attempt location, device name and option to accept or deny the login. You can view the login activity of your account by following these steps: Settings > Security > Login Activity. This feature will be rolling in the coming months to protect user accounts in specific countries.
  2. Update your phone number and email – Users can register their mobile number and email address to their Instagram account to recover their hacked account in cases where a hacker modifies the account information.
  3. Report content and accounts you find questionable – Instagram advises users to report questionable accounts and content from spam or bot accounts. Instagram has also updated its Support Inbox wherein users can access the status of accounts or content that they’ve reported.