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Twitter Will Soon Refrain Users From Commenting On Tweets

Here is how you bid good bye to your haters and attract positivity

Twitter Will Soon Refrain Users From Commenting On Tweets

Twitter will enable users to limit who can reply to their Tweets…Interesting isn’t it? Well its great if you want to block all your trollers or haters on Twitter from bringing you down via mean comments!

Similar to Instagram, where we have seen several people especially celebraties blocking comments, due to multiple reason. Now that Twitter has taken a page out of Instagram’s book users can do the same on Twitter as Twitter plans to allow users to limit who can reply to tweets.

In October last year, Twitter’s head of product Kayvon Beykpour noted that he and his team were investigating the potential of a new capability which would enable users to restrict the audiences of their tweets as noted on Social Media Today.

As part of a broader discussion about the rise of ephemeral messaging, and its potential for Twitter, Beykpour on Social Media Today stated ,that:

“I’m very interested in exploring how we might give customers more control. Where ephemerality is just one of those dimensions, I think there are other dimensions that, while we can get excited and talk about ephemerality because there’s lots of other standards of how other apps do this, I think other dimensions, like control around who can see or control around who can participate, is really critical.”

Twitter is bound to provide users with four different audience settings as seen below:

• Global – This allows anyone can reply to the tweet.

• Group – Here people you follow or mention are the only ones allowed to reply.

• Panel – Only people you directly mention within the tweet text can reply.

• Statement – No tweet replies would be allowed, like literally NO ONE!

The feature is set to be rolled out later this year, with a huge amount of potential, it can be ideal for users who prefer one way communication channels for sure.

According to Social Media Today, “…With this update, if you were to limit the respondents to only those who were tagged in the discussion, Twitter would be able to facilitate interview-style discussions, which could be great for hosting live chats, or even major celebrity interviews”

Stay tuned to know when the feature rolls out and get thinking of a list of people whose comments you really despise, because you can now limit them from commenting or replying.

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