Twitter Update

"Lists" are turning into "Channels" to Boost Content Exposure on Twitter
Pending improvements on the social media platform...
Twitter's "Manipulated Media" Will Stand Out on Your Feed Now
Twitter is taking manipulated and fake information seriously, so keep an eye out for its "Manipulated Media" tags.
You Will Soon Be Able to "Pin" Your Tweet Lists
Twitter is rolling out yet another new feature

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You Can Now Update Old Tweets... Kind of
While it might not be a full-blown edit feature, Twitter fans can now "add on" to their older tweets
Twitter Acquires Chroma Labs, A Stories Template Maker
Twitter Stories might just be around the corner...
Security Flaw Uncovered Regarding Twitter’s Phone Number Account Matching
The platform identifies cracks in its system and quickly recovers it
You Won't Believe Twitter is Doing To Increase Engagement
Talk about a very sci-fi way of fixing an issue
Twitter is Banning "Deceptive" Media
Time to kiss #fakenews goodbye
Emoji Reactions Will Soon Be Sliding into Your Twitter DMs
But is the micro-blogging platform taking a page out of Facebook's playbook? You decide.
Tipping on Twitter Might Become A Reality Very Soon
You could soon start earning some extra cryptocurrency by simply tweeting