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Instagram is Shadowbanning Photoshopped Images

They’re being flagged as “false information”

Instagram is Shadowbanning Photoshopped Images

Insta-models and social media influencers, we have (bad?) news for you… 

Instagram is now flagging photoshopped images to combat the spread of misinformation and fake news.

Is the system is going too far? Photographers may find it difficult to share or view certain types of images on the platform.

The feature was first spotted by a San Francisco based photographer.

As he scrolled through his Instagram feed, he noticed “false information” pop up, through clicking on the overlay hiding his image, the page landed to an image of a man standing on a rainbow mountain.

He reacted to this by saying “. . . Interesting to see this and curious if it’s a bit too far,” Harriman continues. “As much as I do love it to help better associate real vs Photoshop. I also have huge respect for digital art and don’t want to have to click through barriers to see it”, as reported on Peta Pikel.

According to Peta Pikel, Instagram stated “. . . the system uses “a combination of feedback from our community and technology” to identify which photos to pass onto third-party independent fact-checkers. If those fact-checkers determine that a photo is fake, it’s hidden behind a warning message before anyone can view it.”

If you have noticed a dip in photoshopped images on your feed, don’t be alarmed, the photo-video-sharing-app has started flagging photo-shopped pictures.

Lets wait and watch how Instagram users react to this update over time.

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Photo Credits: Unsplash.