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You Won’t Believe Twitter is Doing To Increase Engagement

Talk about a very sci-fi way of fixing an issue

You Won't Believe Twitter is Doing To Increase Engagement

Artificial Intelligence is coming in hot, as one of the most prominent social media networks seeks out the help of AI when it comes to increasing rates of engagement across the platform.

During the final months of 2019, Twitter had 152 million daily users and it says the latest spike was thanks in part to improved machine learning models. These models put more “relevant” tweets in people’s timelines and notifications, this information was released in Twitter’s Q4 2019 earnings report.

Daily users grew from 145 million to prior quarter and 126 million during the same period a year earlier, according to The Verge. This was “primarily driven by product improvements,” such as the “increased relevance” of what people are seeing on their timelines and notifications, according to Twitter.

Twitter shows users an algorithmic timelines that highlights what it thinks the users are most interested in, by default. For the users that follow a few accounts, Twitter’s algorithm will surface likes and replies by the people they follow so users have more to scroll through. Notifications will also highlight tweets being liked by people the users follow, even if the tweet was missed on the timeline.

Compared to many of its peers, though, Twitter still has an enormous amount of room to grow. Snapchat, for comparison, reported 218 million daily users during its final quarter of 2019. Facebook reported 1.66 billion daily users over the same time period, according to The Verge.

Twitter had announced a revenue milestone this quarter: it brought in more than $1 billion in quarterly revenue for the first time. The total was just over the milestone — $1.01 billion during its final quarter, up from $909 million that quarter the prior year.

However, last quarter Twitter had said that its ad revenue had taken a blow due to the bugs that limited its ability to target ads and share advertising data with their partners. Now everything looks like smooth sailing for Twitter as it says it has “shipped remediation” to those issues, and with Twitter’s AI recommendations Twitter is coasting through.

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