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Snapchatters are Surveyed regarding their COVID-19 Concerns

Facts and Figures on the COVID-19 pandemic via Snapchat

Snapchatters are Surveyed regarding their COVID-19 Concerns

The impact of COVID-19 is affecting everybody however a percentage of young people find it harder to comply with the social distancing rules thus resulting in them being tagged as the ones who are disobeying official reports and regulations to stay inside. The younger generation is labelled as the ones who are contributing to the greater spread of the coronavirus, according to Social Media Today.

Even though the statistics regarding the people impacted by coronavirus does indicate the fact that older people are at a higher risk than others, it is extremely important to note that there have been more recent reports indicating that almost 50% of those who contract the virus show no symptoms of it, according to Social Media Today. This means that people within the younger generation who are not actually getting sick are still contributing to the pandemic even though they seem to be “immune” to the impacts, their actions can still play a role in decreasing and ending the problem. 

Social Media though seems to be the place where the younger generation finds solace during their time inside. 

Recently Snapcaht has conducted a survey to see hows its users are responding to the crisis, along with its study of on-platform behavior over the past week so that Snapchat could get factual date regarding what is happening among its younger audiences, according to Social Media Today.

For Snapchat has an average user age of 13-24, thus making it the platform that shows that younger people are indeed concerned and following the health warnings.

Check out Snapchat’s full report here, or take a look at the key findings below:

How Snapchatters are social distancing:

  • 86% less highschool attendance
  • 73% less university attendance
  • 59% less visits to music venues
  • 41% less visits to the gym
  • 40% less visits to movie theatres
  • 32% less casual dining
  • 29% less bar visits
  • 22% less airport traffic
  • 22% less hotel visitors
  • +2% increase in grocery store visits

Who’s worried?

  • 60% of Snapchatters are concerned

Who’s tuning in?

  • 50% are looking to official government sources
  • 50% get updates from online news sources

How long do people think this will last?

  • 44% expect to feel disrupted for a month
  • 16% believe it will last over 2 months

2 in 3 Snapchatters under 18 agree that they are more informed amidst this pandemic.

What Snapchatters are doing more:

  • 33% are streaming more
  • 25% are gaming more
  • 12% are online shopping more
  • 9% are ordering food more

And there you have it folks, the facts and figures of what Snapchat users are doing amidst this COVID-19 pandemic. Stay informed and stay inside.

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