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Working from from Home Security Tips Provided by Facebook

Stay secure while online with these tips!

Working from from Home Security Tips Provided by Facebook

Account security is definitely one of the things that can be overlooked by users who have migrated over to working remotely. I

n order for users to make sure that their information is still safe even when working on publicly connected networks, Facebook has provided a list of tips which will prove beneficial, according to Social Media Today.

Even though most corporations have their own VPN and security systems enabled, there are more than one factors users must consider when logging into a remote PC, and accessing their professional networks.

In order to provide much needed guidance, Facebook has published and released a new set of tips to ensure users have a better level of security for their accounts, according to Social Media Today.

Here’s the list of tips, provided by Facebook on Social Media Today:

  1. Protect your password – Users shouldn’t reuse the same password they use somewhere else. They should make their password complex and difficult to guess. 
  2. Turn in login alerts – Once a user turns theres alerts on, Facebook will notify them when someone tries to log into the user’s account from a device or browser the platform does not recognize.
  3. Review your logins – Users should make sure to log out and close their previous sessions on computers and devices they are no longer using. Users should keep their phone numbers and email addresses up to date in their account in order for the platform to help users log back into their account if they had forgotten their password. 
  4. Be careful of phishing and scammers – Users should avoid clicking on suspicious links and report any and all messages asking for personal information, or money, or messages coming from someone claiming to be a family member or friend in an emergency. Users should be aware that trustworthy companies, platforms and sources do not ask for a user’s password through an email.

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