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The Weeknd ‘Blinding Lights’ Challenge takes social media by storm…and here’s how to do it

You know you’re curious!

The Weeknd 'Blinding Lights' Challenge takes social media by storm...and here's how to do it

It’s been viewed over 105 million times worldwide and has made it’s way from TikTok to almost every social media platform!

For those who aren’t aware, the ‘Blinding Lights’ challenge is one of the msost popular dance videos being shared and recreated, a dizzying dance number set to the Weeknd’s 80’s inspired energetic dance tune. 

Spice up your quarantine life with your own video! Here’s how to do it…

The #BlindingLightsChallenge step-by-step

Step one: Run into position – quick!

Step two: Bounce on your right foot while tapping your left foot in and out

Step two: Keep the motion going and then Dab with your hands while continuing to tap your left foot out.

Step three: Next, you’re going to lift your hands together at the same time and perform a circle motion around your body.

Step four: Still bouncing, you’re now going to perform two rounds of in-the-air breaststroke with your hands while continuing to bounce with your feet.

Step five: After that, go backwards while hiding your face with your hands.

Step six: End the dance off with a big star jump and celebrate your success!

Let’s take a look at some of the most pretty awesome attempts..