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Instagram Live Streams Can Now Be Viewed on the Web

You can now stream directly from your laptop!

Instagram Live Streams Can Now Be Viewed on the Web

As social media updates continue to roll out amidst social distancing and lockdown regulations, Instagram is now also giving users the option to view Instagram Live broadcasts on desktop PCs. With this, users are able to watch content in a less intrusive format and also share links which facilitates cross-promotion.

Instagram Live via Desktop ends up being a much more enhanced viewing experience as the screen is then split into two sections with comments and video content appearing on either side. Previously, on the app, the comments section did in fact obstruct the view of the content which was very distracting.

According to Social Media Today, “Providing desktop access also adds another important element – a separate URL for your live broadcasts. That means that when you do go live, you can now cross-promote your stream on other platforms, with a direct link, as opposed to simply directing your fans to head over to Instagram to check out your stream. Previously, this wasn’t possible, because there was no URL to link to during a stream – though you could, technically, still obtain the link when sharing via message.”

Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri tweeted in April that the app has plans to further develop the Instagram Live app to support content creators.