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Instagram Camera will roll out new design and features

The Instagram Live and Instagram Story options will be a lot clearer!

Instagram Camera will roll out new design and features

Instagram’s new update that brings clearer and much more personalized navigation to its camera is amazing! 

Instagram has now made it very easy to switch between creating a Story or going Live.

Previously the “Live” option was just among many other tools which were available on Instagram stories. With this update, the “Story” and “Live” options are kept separate and the user will be able to swipe from one to the other from the bottom of the screen.  

The update also makes it easier to access commonly-used tools. This is done via a new scroll menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Users are now able to choose their desired features like Boomerang, Create, Layout, and other creative tools in a more simlified format.

Additionally, filters now have their own menu at the bottom of the screen and can be used across all creative tools.

As user activity continues to soar, these features come at a much-needed time since almost everyone has taken to Instagram live at some point within lockdown!

Are you excited about these new featurs?

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