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Bella Hadid joins the metaverse with new ‘CY-B3LLA’ NFT collection

What exactly does CY-B3LLA mean and what does it entail? Keep reading to find out!

If your dream is to meet Bella Hadid in person (or even virtually) then we definitely suggest you keep reading.

In case you still haven’t heard, the supermodel is finally making her way into the digital world, launching her first-ever NFT collection titled “CY-B3LLA”, which she essentially describes as “a collection of 11,111 exclusive NFTs that serve as your passport to this new world”. In a recent Instagram post, she gives a fully-detailed description of her project to further explain the concept:

Now here’s a little recap if you still haven’t really grasped the concept of NFTs to help you understand CY-B3LLA: they are also known as non-fungible tokens, which are considered to be digital assets that are created, bought, and sold online, using cryptocurrency.

Photo credit: Investor Junkie

To create her CY-B3LLA collection of tokens and bring her ‘invitation to a new global nation’ come to life, Hadid partnered up with reBASE, which has helped her produce 11,111 NFTs of herself. However, you might be wondering how you’ll be able to get your hands on the latest collection; Bella has made it clear that curators will be holding events all over the world, giving thousands of people around the world a chance to meet the fashion icon herself.

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While the catwalk star isn’t the first celebrity to launch an NFT collection, with the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan having taken the leap before her, her announcement was met with mixed feelings; while some described her as “Genius” for doing this, others were asking if the Palestinian-Dutch influencer was hacked.

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While this is all we know about the influencer’s latest venture, you can always follow the “CY-B3LLA” Instagram account for updates and also visit the official website to register for the whitelist.