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David Dobrik Horrible Legal Battle Continues 2023

David Dobrik is reportedly facing more legal trouble related to the infamous excavator accident caused by Jeff.


The battle continues

On a recent episode of the H3 Podcast, presenter Ethan Klein disclosed that State Farm General Insurance Company appears to be suing David in connection with his current legal struggle with his former friend and colleague, Jeff Wittek.

Jeff was severely injured while recording a stunt for David’s vlog in 2020. Jeff swung from a rope linked to an excavator parked in a lake and then crashed in the scene. David was in charge of the excavator at the moment.


$10 million on the line

Jeff later sued David for general negligence and intentional tort, seeking damages in excess of $10 million.

Ethan stated in the show that the H3 Podcast crew discovered proof of the new lawsuit when it was shared on the r/h3h3productions subreddit.

The case specifics were made public in October, with State Farm filing a complaint for “Declaratory Relief,” effectively requesting that the duty for covering the incident’s expenditures be waived.

David possessed Homeowner’s insurance as well as a “Personal Liability Umbrella Policy” with State Farm Insurance, according to Ethan.

David Cause “Bodily Injury” ?

These policies provided him with further protection against personal claims such as “bodily injury” and “defamation of character, libel, or slander.” This, however, does not apply to any business-related matters.


While the policies were in force at the time of the accident, State Farm argues they are not compelled to cover it due to “exclusions related to business pursuits and potential workers compensation eligibility.”

Members of Vlog Squad were not considered direct workers, despite the fact that many of them made a living off his videos.

However, the fact that they were recording for Dobrick’sYouTube channel, which is affiliated with Dobrik blurs the lines between employer and friendship.

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