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“Fake Drake” At Popular Social Influencer Night

In an Instagram story, the “Fake Drake” said he performed an unreleased song.


Drake Dupe?

The ideal situation for everyone would be to get Drake to guest appear at an event, but if his fee is too excessive, there is always a less expensive option available.

The media personality Izzyfamous, who gained notoriety by mimicking Drake, was a special guest at the Social Influencer Night (S.I.N.) Awards held in Montreal. A portion of his performance is available to view in the Instagram carousel below.

Unreleased .. really?

The S.I.N. Awards, which honored content creators across several platforms, hosted their first presentation on November 12.

Afro-Caribbean Artist of the Year, Pop Artist of the Year, Male and Female Hip-Hop Artists of the Year, and Influencer of the Year were among the categories that were presented at the awards ceremony.

Additionally, IzzyFamous revealed that he was invited to perform a song that was “unreleased.”


Newest Performer

A short clip of IzzyFamous rapping and sprinting around the stage during his performance can be seen on his Instagram page.

Adam22 stated in an interview with IzzyFamous on No Jumper a year ago that he had to return to Canada in order to play at events.

“I’m actually going back to Canada cause I got some tours there,” Izzy stated. Like, I have certain music events that I need to attend. I get DMs from folks asking if they want to attend my event. Because Drake is too pricey for me to pay. You’ll get $5,000 from me.

Izzy performed last week at a tiny Toronto venue, rapping over an unreleased Drake and Lil Wayne song that had allegedly leaked in 2018.

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