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The successful Netflix show is making a comeback.

Finding Ola fans buckle up and get ready for a new ride! The hit series is bringing back Hend Sabri to continue the story of character Ola Abdel Sabour, who originally appeared in a 2010 Egyptian comedy series called Ayza Atgawez.

As soon as the quirky show started streaming on Netflix last February, it immediately appeared on the top 10 list. The reason behind its success can definitely be explained; all 6 episodes offered a light-hearted take at the reality of being a woman in the Arab world.

Director and producer Hadi El Bagoury had fans wondering if Ola’s story is really over after watching the scene towards the end of the sixth and last episode, during which Ola refuses to ride on the felukah and says “I’ll keep going”. The Tunisian actress decided to build on that scene and reveal that a second season is in the making with the following Instagram post:

To translate Hend’s words, “of course we will continue. Ola’s story is not over yet. Didn’t she teach us that the end of one story is the beginning of a new one? So for Ola to take her second chance, there has to be a season two for ‘Finding Ola.’”  

We’re still in the dark when it comes to the release date but we’ll stay tuned for future hints and announcements! Will you be watching season 2 of Finding Ola? Let us know by sharing this article and tweeting us @itpliveme