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TikTok 2024: New Gaming Marketing Trends

All the gaming Tiktokers, it’s your time to shine and get the attention you deserve

Calling All Gaming TikTokers

Gaming is a central pillar of modern web culture, which, given our increasing reliance on digital connection, is now culture in general. As such, it’s critical to consider the role that gaming plays in modern discourse and connection, as well as how you can leverage that, where possible, for your own promotions on TikTok.

That is the topic of TikTok’s latest research paper, which was prepared in collaboration with National Research Group (NRG). The analysis examines the changing mobile gaming scene and how game marketers can use TikTok for promotions.

There are also some useful remarks for all brands connected to the subject. You can download the entire 22-page study here (with email sign-up), but in this piece, we’ll look at some of the highlights.

Overall Gaming Landscape

First, the research examines the present mobile gaming landscape and important trends in the industry.


The report also looks at demographic trends among gamers, which could help to inform your promotional approach.


Engagement Review

There’s also a heap of stats around how users engage with mobile games:

How to Market Your Gaming

As well as an overview of how to successfully market your game to this audience.


That last overview may be applicable to practically any industry, with the recommendations below focusing on a successful strategy to both community building and marketing.

There are some useful notes here, and if you work in the mobile gaming industry, you should absolutely download the guide to stay up to date on all of the newest in-app trends and developments.

Again, even if you’re not a game marketer, there are some significant takeaways.

You can download the entire “A New Era for Mobile Gaming” report here.

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