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TikTok 2024: Exciting Partnership with UK Olympic Teams

Despite ongoing security worries, government entities are attempting to use TikTok to increase their promotions


TikTok has launched a new relationship with the British Olympic and Paralympic teams, under which British athletes will use the app to engage with supporters before and during the 2018 Games.

As explained by TikTok:

“The partnership aims to help Team GB and ParalympicsGB athletes share their unique journeys, connect with new audiences and grow their personal fanbase through the app, while encouraging support for the entire teams across the UK in the lead up to Paris 2024.”

All Things Provided By TikTok

The app will conduct content workshops for hundreds of Team GB and ParalympicsGB athletes ahead of the Games, giving important media training and content development support with the goal of enhancing their TikTok usage especially.

In addition to skill sessions, the app will be offering purpose-built content creation areas at both the Team GB House and the ParalympicsGB House, providing another avenue for athletes to engage with their supporters through the app.


It’s an intriguing relationship, particularly given the UK government’s continued concerns about the possible security threats of TikTok use.

TikTok has already been prohibited from government-owned devices in the region, following a security review by Cabinet Office Ministers, which discovered that there was reason to be concerned about the app’s vulnerability to sensitive information, which may be accessed by third parties.

The National Cyber Security Centre is presently reviewing the app and may impose additional restrictions in the future.

However, TikTok does give a significant link to younger demographic groups, making it likely to be a key driver of participation and sentiment around the Olympics.

I mean, the latter is part of the larger fear about the app: that it can be used to control users based on its popularity. However, the UK Olympic teams clearly feel confident using the app and expanding their reach to a new generation of sports fans.

What The Future Has In Store

It will be fascinating to watch if other countries seek to enable similar deals, as the value of TikTok’s reach may exceed remaining worries. 

Indeed, just yesterday, U.S. President Joe Biden posted to the app for the first time, implying that the Biden campaign will use TikTok to improve its messaging with younger people.

Despite this, the United States government is still considering a full ban on the app owing to worries about its ties to the Chinese government.

There’s some confusing messaging about the actual risks, but it appears that even government organizations are okay utilizing the app, given certain boundaries.  

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