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Gen Z’s obsession with aesthetics may speed up aging 2024

Experts caution against early cosmetic procedures as Gen Z embraces Botox and fillers, emphasizing the importance of age-appropriate skincare practices.

Gen Z's obsession with aesthetics may speed up aging 2024

Gen Z, known for their obsession with aesthetics and beauty, is increasingly turning to cosmetic procedures like Botox and fillers at a young age. While it may seem like a trend to enhance their appearance, experts caution that these interventions can lead to premature aging. The rise of #BabyBotox on TikTok, boasting 189 million views, showcases young individuals opting for subtle injections to prevent deep wrinkles.

Unintended consequences

Experts warn that starting injectables too early can impact the natural development of facial features. Procedures like lip fillers, Botox, and semi-permanent makeup, popular among 18 to 20-year-olds, might give a temporary enhancement but can result in an unnatural appearance, making it challenging to revert to a natural look. Social media affirmations further contribute to the pressure of maintaining a certain aesthetic.

Social media influence on Gen Z

Gen Z, having grown up with social media, has easy access to information on cosmetic procedures and skincare. While this awareness can be beneficial, it also leads to young individuals opting for procedures they might not necessarily need. The influence of social media trends, like the full-glam makeup look, contributes to the desire for these cosmetic interventions.

Healthy skin practices

Experts emphasize the importance of age-appropriate skincare practices. Overreliance on anti-aging products, such as retinol, in one’s 20s can be harsh on young skin, potentially causing damage. Instead, a basic skincare routine focusing on cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen application is recommended, especially for teenagers.

Gen Z's obsession with aesthetics may speed up aging 2024

Generation divide

Interestingly, millennials are seen as the more health-conscious generation, with a focus on exercise and skincare. In contrast, Gen Z shows a preference for smoking and vaping, lifestyle factors that can impact overall skin health and contribute to an aging appearance.

As the trend of early cosmetic interventions continues to rise, experts stress the importance of informed and age-appropriate choices for maintaining healthy and natural-looking skin.

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