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TikTok: Gen Z laid-off for complaining about 9-5 job

21-year old student gets laid off for complaining about struggling in a 9-5 job on TikTok

Gen Z laid-off for complaining about work on TikTok

“Can’t do 9-5”

In October, Brielle Asero, a 21-year-old college graduate, went viral on TikTok after sharing the challenges of the 9-to-5 work culture she faced in her corporate job in New York. The tearful video resonated with many, highlighting the struggles of the traditional workweek.


im also getting sick leave me alone im emotional ok i feel 12 and im scared of not having time to live

♬ original sound – BRIELLE

TikToker laid off

On December 16, Asero announced another twist in her journey. Despite her initial viral video, she disclosed that she had been laid off from her start-up role. The layoff, she claimed, had nothing to do with her previous video, and she expressed no hard feelings, emphasizing her boss’s positive feedback.


can someone tell me im going to be okay !!!! feels like the world is ending i need a job immediatley i am feeling so lost rn like i moved for this…!?

♬ original sound – BRIELLE

New job hunt

Now facing the challenge of finding a new job by January 2, Asero shared her achievements, including obtaining a degree and building a portfolio. Despite her efforts, she expressed concern about re-entering the job application process, acknowledging the tough competition during the holiday period. She considered alternative roles such as a nanny or server while searching for a new marketing position.

Asero’s TikTok videos not only document her personal journey but also resonate with other college graduates facing similar challenges. Her honest portrayal of post-grad life, including layoffs and financial struggles, aims to connect with a broader audience navigating the uncertainties of entering the workforce.

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