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Gucci Town opens its virtual doors on ‘Roblox’

The virtual world just became designer…

Gucci Town - Virtual world

Roblox is a platform bringing together everyone inside the 3D virtual world to play, create, and socialise. Gucci, have entered into the metaverse after their popular two-week pop-up last year on the platform attracting over 20 million players.

Gucci Town, the name of the luxury Italian fashion houses’ virtual world includes fabulous gardens surrounded by buildings, a virtual store where you can purchase apparel, a café, and mini-games. There is also an exhibition where you can explore the Vault Plaza, and discover more in Gucci Town’s “Creative Corner.”

Nicolas Oudinor, Gucci’s EVP of new businesses said in a statement with The Verge, “The starting point when designing the experience has always been the community. True to this, we envision the future developments as an open dialogue between Gucci and the recurring visitors. Emerging content creators and talents from the Roblox community will be on board, while we will infuse the ecosystem with new ideas and visual stimuli, as our creative messaging is forever in flux, evolving with the kaleidoscopic vision of creative director Alessandro Michele.”

The Florence-based Gucci Garden inside the metaverse embeds the true essence of the brand with its design, visual elements, colours, and mood. The several themed rooms inside the game are inspired by different eras of Michele’s six-year reign over the House. For example, pictured below, you see a pool, decorated with balloons signifying the Gucci Cruise 2020.

Virutal world - Gucci

Prior to the news of the virtual “Gucci Town,” the fashion house also launched its own global gaming academy in collaboration with Faceit and the World Health Organisation. Gucci has also released an exclusive range of sunglasses called “Hollywood Forever” which are classic and vintage-looking, available to shop for two weeks only.

Gucci, as well as other brands, are now focusing on building their strategies around the new digital era that we are going into – and in a fast-paced way too. By focusing on the audience and who they want to target, we are yet to see what other brands will be bringing out next and doing.

Have you been inside Gucci Town yet? If you have, let us know how it was by tweeting us @itpliveme.

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