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The Iconic luxury house of Gucci will open its virtual world by buying digital lands on the Sandbox.

Gucci store in Beijing, China.

The fashion label – Gucci, recently announced on its official Twitter and on a Discord group with 73,000 members, the bought of a plot of digital land on digital real estate platform the sandbox, to enter officially the metaverse.

Image via Gucci

The brand said in a tweet, “Crafting the future, pixel by pixel. Vault
is building its own virtual world on @TheSandboxGame.
The brand also called on
people to join its Discord group”.

Gucci’s metaverse projects, including NFTs, are called Gucci Vault.

The brand also explained In another tweet,“Vault is defined by an
ever-evolving curation of rare vintage pieces alongside noteworthy designer
collections dear to #AlessandroMichele”.

Gucci, will offer digital versions of its real items, a various virtual fashion pieces created by Gucci designers will be ready to pick and buy.

However, the brand didn’t give additional information about the new virtual experience and didn’t announce the price that was paid for the digital land.

Many digital experiences

Moreover, Gucci have launch with Superplastic, which creates digital collectibles and vinyl toys, a limited series of CryptoJanky non-fungible tokens and ceramic sculptures, SuperGucci. In fact, this is not the first time that Gucci invest into the digital world.

SuperGucci, Image via Gucci

It auctioned, in March 2021, a non-fungible token inspired by its Fall/Winter 2021 collection hosted by auction house Christie’s. To mark its 100 anniversary in May 2021, it unveiled a Gucci garden, in the gaming platform, Roblox, a two-week art installation aimed at building brand awareness among young customers. In August, the brand launched a digital version of the Dionysus bag on Roblox, which sold for 350,000 Robux, or roughly $4,115.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley believe that non-fungible tokens and metaverse gaming could represent an income opportunity of $56 billion for Gucci by 2030.

The virtual world like Sandbox has become a new platform of focus for brands and designers. Moreover, the metaverse area gives the opportunity to develop digital real estate, like owning stores and lunching event venues, and most of all sell virtual goods, as well as choosing an item and buying it.

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