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How To Get Verified On Instagram In 48 Hours In 2023

Paying for an Instagram Blue check, how to do it and is it worth it?

How To Get Verified On Instagram In Less Than A Week In 2023

Instagram blue checks have long served as a form of verification and the ultimate status symbol. It was reserved for celebrities, politicians, and popular influencers. Today, however, Meta opened the verification door for everyone. Instagram’s blue checks are now available for a subscription fee of $15 per month, which in theory completely devalues the blue checkmark. However, millions of people still flocked to Instagram to get a blue check next to their name, which leads us to question, whether it’s still beneficial to have, what are the requirements, and how to do it. We will answer all your questions below.

Why Get Verified?

Even though you might not get the clout that was once associated with having a blue checkmark next to your name, being Meta verified in 2023 still has its benefits. For one, being verified increases your reach in sections like search, comments, recommended posts, and the explore page. This can give you an edge over other users as the explore page and recommended posts are major sources for getting new followers. Other exclusive features include exclusive stickers for Facebook and Instagram Stories, Facebook Reels, and 100 free stars a month, all of which are not available for non-verified users.

If you are a creator or influencer who is looking to expand your audience and reach, then subscribing can be beneficial for you as it will increase your engagement and reach. However, if you are an average user who just uses Instagram and Facebook to share updates with friends and families or discover content, a Meta Verified subscription doesn’t make much sense.

Being that the verification is open to everyone, here are some tips to help you stand out in case you do decide to pay for verification:

  • Authenticity: does your account represent a real person, registered business, or brand? You cannot be a meme page or a fan account.
  • Be Unique: only one account per person or business can get Instagram verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts.
  • Complete: Have a complete bio, profile picture, and many posts.
  • Notable: this is where things get subjective, but Instagram defines a notable name as one that is “well-known” and “highly searched for,” so make sure to build your brand regardless of the verification.

Do I Need To Be Famous To Be Verified?

You do not need to be famous or have a lot of followers to be eligible to apply for the Meta verification. However, you do have to meet certain criteria. Your account must be public and have a bio, profile photo, and at least one post. If you have any content that is considered offensive or violates any of Meta’s regulations, you will not be eligible for verification.

After that, you must provide Meta with a photo of your government-issued ID, verifying your identity will take about 48 hours.

You’ll then be prompted to enter a payment method after submitting your ID. Meta Verification costs $14.99/month for verification on the Facebook or Instagram app and $11.99/month to be verified on Facebook’s web version.

How To Get Verified?

Firstly, Open the Instagram app and head to your profile. Once you’re on your profile page, go to Settings. On your settings page, toward the bottom, click the option to Request Verification. 

From there, you’ll fill in details such as:

  • Your full name (or trading name): you’ll need to back up with a photo ID, such as a driver’s license, or business documents, such as business registration papers or utility bills (for physical stores).
  • Notability: Confirmed by selecting your industry category and target audience.
  • Supporting links to help confirm your notability: You can link to other verified social media accounts if you have them, news or press releases you or your brand is featured in, your website, or other (non-promotional) links you feel might be relevant.

After that just hit Submit and congrats: you’ve sent off your request.

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