Instagram News

Instagram Will Start Showing IGTV In Your Feed
There's no getting away from it
Your Instagram Story Viewer List Will Disappear Very Soon
You soon won’t be able to tell who’s been creeping on you
Facebook Has Plans To Combine WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram
We can thank Mark Zuckerberg for the integration

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Instagram Is Launching A Special Account For Superstar Influencers
It comes with exclusive new features and insight tools
Another Instagram Crackdown is Happening
Here's how you can easily tune out the haters
Instagram Founders Leave Facebook
The big question is... how will it affect Instagram?
Instagram Is Looking To Launch A New App
And it's going to be bad for our bank accounts
You Can Now Apply To Get Verified Directly In Instagram
Plus two more new features to help you stay safe while you scroll
Why Aren't Regional Vloggers Embracing IGTV?
Three video content creators share their (surprising) thoughts on Instagrams's latest feature
This Account Is Dedicated To All The "Instagram Boyfriends"
Amused by the @insta_repeat? Then you'll get a kick out of @boyfriends_of_insta
Look Familiar? There's Now An Account Entirely Devoted To Repeat Insta Snaps