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How to use iPhone iOS 17’s journal app

Navigate through iPhones latest journal app on iOS 17

How to use iPhone iOS 17's journal app

iPhone’s latest app on iOS17

When Apple unveiled iOS 17 at its WWDC event in June, the Journal app drew a lot of attention. However, the tech giant didn’t release the app with iOS 17 on Sept. 18 or with the iPhone 15 series. Instead, Apple gave beta testers and developers a first glimpse of the app with iOS 17.2.

What is Journal?

Journal is an app developed by Apple to write journal entries and insert pictures, videos, and other content into entries. Your entries are stored locally on your iPhone, and you can have backups of your entries on iCloud. Journal can provide you with prompts, called Reflections, that you can write about.

How to use iPhone iOS 17's journal app

How secure is Journal?

According to Apple, the app has end-to-end encryption between your device and iCloud, and the app uses on-device processes to create journaling suggestions, like Reflections. That means the data your app uses stays on your iPhone.

How to write an entry in Journal

Step 1: On the Journal homepage, tap the plus (+) sign.

Step 2: Choose from suggested Reflections or create a new entry without a suggestion.

Step 3: Write your entry and add photos, videos, or voice notes if desired.

Step 4:Tap Done to save the entry.

Setting a journaling schedule

You can set the app to remind you to journal by following these steps:

Step1: Settings

Step: Click on Journal

Step 3: Choose the Journaling schedule option

Step 4: Tap the switch next to Schedule, and you can set a reminder for specific days and times

How to use iPhone iOS 17's journal app

When will Journal be available?

Apple’s website still says the app will launch later this year. Journal was included in the download for iOS 17.2 beta 1, so it should be available when Apple releases iOS 17.2 to the public.

The good news is Journal should automatically download with the update, so you won’t have to find the app in the App Store.

Apple also launched its Journals Suggestion API, allowing third-party journaling apps to use journaling suggestions as well. However, third-party app developers must adopt the API first.

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