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Watch: Apple Event video filmed on the iPhone 15 Pro

Can you believe the Apple event was filmed on the iPhone 15 Pro Max? Do you use your phone to record content?

Watch: Apple Event video filmed on the iPhone 15 Pro

Technology and lifestyle influencer Emkwan posted a video on his X account, showing the Apple Event keynote video filmed on an iPhone 15 Pro.

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iPhone 15 Pro Shoot

The Apple “Scary Fast” exclusive event which was an introduction to the latest Mac-powered M3 chip, was filmed using the latest iPhone 15 Pro. The phone that everyone has been talking about and waiting over an hour in queues for, was used as the video camera to showcase Apple’s latest features.

The shoot also included epic aerial drone shots with the full Halloween-themed 30-minute video pre-recorded earlier. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, ended the video by thanking the viewers who were watching with a title appearing saying This event was shot on iPhone and edited on Mac. It also stated, “All presenters, locations, and drone footage were shot using an iPhone 15 Pro Max.”

Simplifying & Marketing Technology

The video not only advertised the new Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max but also showed creators and those who enjoy photography and videography the capabilities of the phone. It was the perfect advertising and marketing campaign for the phone during the harvest fest season as well as to showcase the other products.

Influencers and creators who use advanced technology when filming or taking pictures for their social media content can now opt for the simplicity and HD quality of an iPhone. Rather than using the latest and most expensive video camera on the market, this strategy that Apple has used shows that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is multi-functional in every way.

Not only can users from any age range use the phone to make calls and connect with others, but they can use it for content creation. Do you use your phone camera to record your content? If not, why?

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