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Redefining where luxury, body positivity, and sustainability meet.

Natasha Zaki, based in Dubai, has 23.7k followers on Instagram. Her brand, Glossy Lounge, is an eco-friendly brand of minimalist shapewear and loungewear style clothing. Their use of eco-friendly products offers a luxury experience.

The brand is a kindred spirit to Skims, created by Kim Kardashian; another brand that speaks to the growing popularity of loungewear. Loungewear had been growing in popularity before the pandemic, but reached an all time high when both business and formal looks were no longer in demand due to world restrictions on the workplace and social functions. 

Glossy Wear has a strong focus on body positivity, and embracing your natural element. Zaki’s re-definition of luxury includes sustainability, and it seems that embracing your natural body is a key to re-envisioning luxury.  She shares on Instagram “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” #wilderness #peace #love 

Simple, yet profound words in the midst of a fast fashion industry. Her vision of creating a brand that embraces body positivity and sustainability is inspiring, and her status as an influencer allows her to inspire her audience of consumers to demand sustainable products.

Natasha Zaki shows us where self-love is an ubiquitous concept that embraces both sustainability and body positivity. “We are setting new standards by building a community that includes every body, while leaving a positive impact on our ecological footprint and aiming to make our planet a better place. Glossy Lounge embraces all body types and an inclusive message around body positivity.”