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Instagram replies to the latest backlash that got the Kardashians involved

Adam Mosseri answers 3 major concerns.


Instagram’s Chief Adam Mosseri took to Instagram to explain the new changes and put everyone’s questions to rest about Instagram becoming the “new TikTok.”

After the Kardashian sisters and Kylie Jenner uploaded to their Instagram story about supporting the “stop trying to be TikTok” campaign, Adam Mosseri uploaded a video explaining everything. Adam shared several points to help users understand why certain changes are being made and how Instagram is analysing these changes made on the app – whether it’s helping the app or not.

Mosseri covers 3 concerns that users have and answers each and every one of them:

  1. Full-screen feed – This is a test for a few percentage people. The full screen he explains should be a “fun and engaging experience” for Instagram users but is still in a developing phase and has yet to be distinguished whether or not it works for the application.
  2. Photos to videos – Mosseri explains that Instagram will be “continuing with photos” as it is part of Instagram’s heritage. He then continues in a transparent way and tells us that “I do believe Instagram will develop into videos over time.” It is evident that the app has researched into the chronological feed and has seen that video does work when it means you can reach more people. He says that people are posting more videos and consuming more video content on Instagram which is why they have to “lean into that shift while continuing to support photos.”
  3. Recommendation – If you have noticed different accounts appearing on your Instagram feed, this is to “help you discover new and interesting things that you may not know even exist.” Adam does explain however that if you do not want to see these recommendations then you can click off of them or “snooze all recommendations for up to a month.” Instagram will continue to try and get better recommendations to help creators and influencers reach more people.

What do you think of the latest video by Adam Mosseri? Are you more confident about the future of Instagram? Share your thoughts with us!

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