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People are calling Instagram out for it’s irritating new ways

Here’s what Kylie Jenner said about the new Instagram

Instagra has put in effort to the app lately, trying out a full screen photo scroll, changing all videos to reels and pushing their video content to…. kind of….. be more like TikTok. Some people are not having it.

Audiences tend to enjoy the Instagram app for what it is, a unique platform for people to post their nicest pictures to all of their friends. Many describe the app as a silent cat-walk.

However, with the app’s new updates, people can’t help but notice that the app is not as likable and is losing it’s charm due to all it’s unnecessary changes to video based content.

People’s Problem with Instagram

Many have reported seeing so many suggested posts, Reels and advertisements that they are not even able to find their friend’s pictures. Some have been suggesting that their regular like count has halved due to the over-flood of content being displayed on feed.

Well to be honest I hate the new Insta so much I literally can’t stay on it for over 2 mins.

Said One User

Because there is so much content that is uninteresting to audiences on their pages, it has become hard for people to enjoy scrolling on the app anymore. Even celebrities like Kylie Jenner have taken to social media to say make Instagram it’s self again!

Though Instagram tries to mirror TikTok, it misses one fundamental key that makes TikTok so successful, the algorithm. TikTok’s complicated algorithm ensures that the user is seeing content they find interesting, Instagram cannot do that.

Here are some examples of the internet’s discussion of the changes today:


i just want my friends to actually see my posts ok

♬ emma uncomfortable laugh – cuppy💀
kylie vouches for instagram to go back to the way it was