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ITP Live is now on podcast streaming apps

Get following for all your latest social media updates, tips and tricks and celebrity influencer interviews!

The ITP Live Show, a popular influencer marketing and social media tips and tricks YouTube show has now launched on podcast streaming apps. Having joined YouTube in January 2017, the show now has 17,900 subscribers with over 6 million views in total on the page.

The channel is dedicated to bringing up current celebrities and influencers on the show, interviewing them about their social media strategy, and all the latest news about them. The show also brings to light all the current social media trends, how-to videos, and tips and tricks to elevate your knowledge on each individual platform.

After releasing weekly videos every Monday at 5 pm, ITP Originals, which is the department the show is under, decided to distribute it on the podcast. Below is a list of all the places you can find the ITP Live Show and follow.

Download now and start listening to all of the content we currently have up! Make sure you rate the podcast after listening and let us know what you think by tweeting us @itpliveme.